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Sparkles Laundromat

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20 Albert St. N., Southampton

Coin operated Laundromat, quarters and loonies needed, single & large machines.

  • Variety of sizes in washers. Prices range from $2.75 up to $5.25 for single, double or triple washers.
  • Extra large capacity (quad) washers are $7.00 which will wash any size comforter you have.
  • New Double load machines that are variable in price depending on the temperature and soil level you select. The price will range from $3.75 to $4.75. The running time on the washer changes with each soil level selected, running time from 29 minutes up to 39 minutes.
  • All dryers will handle a double load and run on quarters and are adjustable in temperature.
  • Most double loads will cost between $1.50 and $2.00 to dry on high temperature. Time wise approx. 27 to 36 minutes. More economical for you to dry two loads together than to separate.
  • We have two 50 pound capacity dryers for those extra large duvets.
  • Also available single load dryers that run longer per quarter as they are set at a lower temperature. $1.50 will run for 42 minutes.
Change machine available.
Products available for purchase:
  • Tide ~ $1
  • Bounce ~ $1
  • OxiClean ~ $1
  • Downy ~ $1
  • Laundry Bags ~ $1
Toys and books available for children.
Contact Information
Phone: 519-386-6763